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Fluid Change & Maintenance


Jacksonville & St. Mary's AAMCO
Fluid Change and Maintenance

The Jacksonville & St. Mary'sAAMCO Power Purge Plus Transmission Flush & Filter Change is the most comprehensive transmission maintenance service available anywhere. It’s the service that may help your transmission shift better, longer.

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Jacksonville & St. Mary's AAMCO Power Purge® Transmission Flush

The Jacksonville & St. Mary's AAMCO Power Purge® Transmission Flush is most complete transmission fluid exchange available only at AAMCO.

The service includes:

  • Complete External Diagnostic Service for your transmission
  • Replacing virtually 100% of your old transmission fluid with our Fluid Flush and Fill
  • Removal of dirt, grit and abrasives
  • A check for leaks
  • Fill with fresh, clean fluid

Jacksonville & St. Mary's AAMCO recommends that your old transmission fluid be replaced every 24,000 miles. If your transmission fluid is dirty or deteriorating, you might be on the way to a transmission problem. An AAMCO Power Purge Transmission Flush may help prevent transmission problems before they happen.
*Not available for automobiles with internal transmission problems.

External Service

To Automatic Transmission & Related Components

The Jacksonville & St. Mary'sAAMCO Safeguard Fluid & Filter change, like all Jacksonville & St. Mary'sAAMCO Transmission Maintenance Services, begins with a complete External Diagnostic Service to spot any potential problems.

The service includes:

  • Drain transmission fluid and replace with new fluid.
  • Replace filter and fill with fresh, clean fluid.
  • Perform leak check.

Jacksonville & St. Mary's  AAMCO recommends that your old transmission fluid be replaced about once a year or so.


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